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Fresh take on a classic American art form........ It’s clear to see why these three have come together and I welcome the corroboration which is difficult to see being negatively received by die-hard traditionalists and newbies to country-alike. Of particular note in the generous 36 minute, 13 track album is the welcoming, upbeat and aptly named You’re From Texas and the lively Sweet Georgia Brown. Definitely a band to watch out for!    Michael Locke - Maverick Magazine (UK) full review

A jumping joint is guaranteed - irresistible Western swing.   This is Western swing that animates the ghost of Bob Wills: a repertoire of traditional songs recorded on vintage equipment and played on acoustic arch top guitar, fiddle and bass, that still manages to sound fresh and contemporary.  It's just plain old delightful Texas fiddle music that swing like crazy and makes you smile like a loon. Western swing fans will love this hard-swinging album from the good-time trio.   Mark Sampson   - Songlines Magazine (UK)

 Wild Blue Yonder ..... Together they not only perform in this oft-neglected style of Texas music from the 1940s, they do so with a brilliance and panache that will draw in any fans of traditional American string music.  John Lawless - Bluegrass Today  (US) full review

 The Graveyard Shift  -  They are real acoustic heaven in a bogged down swamp of electric mediocrity and "Wild Blue Yonder" will tantalise and tickle your love and affection for quality music performed by three musicians at the top of their game.  If you hanker after timeless and flawless musicianship with a love of tradition and modernity then The Western Flyers and "Wild Blue Yonder" just may be the long lost delight your ears have been longing for.   Brian Forbes (UK) full review

Folk & Roots Music  - Editors Pick  -  Back to the classic Western string band swing of the 20s and 30s with a sound that’ll transform your player of choice into a vintage valve radio, only without the crackle of static.  The trio has a real affection and affinity for the music they play and, while it may, to some extent, be a niche market, acts like this ensure it’s a very vibrant one.  full review

Back to the Swingin' Dancehalls........... Listening to “You’re From Texas,” there’s no doubt they could make Wills himself cut a rug. The Western Flyers are churning out true, blue Western Swing, and when you hear it, you’ll know– “there’s no mistaking the brand.”  Elmore Magazine   full review

Flying Shoes Review   - Western swing doesn't come much better; be sure to watch out for them if they are ever down your way.   Maurice Hope - Flying Shoes  full review

Notably Texan interview with Matt Meinke  KETR / Texas Standard

Bluegrass Situation   -  Album Stream

Country Music People  album review

Country Standard Time   -  From their first track, Wills' own "You're from Texas," they get both fanatic and casual listeners on board with their throwback sound.  It helps that there's not a dud musician in the trio.  full review 

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